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The Advanced Guard (1998)

Directed by Peter Geiger

Science Fiction

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A group of aliens arrive on Earth as part of an advance invasion force. Their mission is to kidnap a small sample of humans and run them through a series of rigorous tests to determine if they would make suitable slaves. Harper, one of the alien experimenters, has beceme frustrated with her planet’s endless cycle of conquest and extermination and begins to feel some sympathy for her human captives. While the prisoners see a glimmer of hope in the compassionate alien, will it be any use in stopping the enormous attack fleet just a few days from Earth?

Rated R | Length 91 minutes


Jennifer O'Dell | Eric Allan Kramer | John Prosky | James Avery | Jeff Kober | Isabella Hofmann | David Jean Thomas | Michael Weatherly | David Campbell | Clare Salstrom | Robert Amico | Cristi Conaway | Michelle Davison | James Sebastian

Viewing Notes

A SyFy (Sci-Fi here) Channel produced Trimark DTV flick that is so cheap 90s DTV it makes me nostalgic for those films I’d watch on cable during that decade.

Of course this isn’t good but not terrible either for what’s an essentially one-location movie. Also it weirdly has Jennifer O’Dell nude as a cutscene throughout the movie (more weird that she’s not identified as Jennifer in the credits but IMDb lists her as such; funny bc as soon as she appears I suspected it was her being a long time THE LOST WORLD tv series fan).

Overall this is pretty dopey (also features Eric Allen Kramer “Thor” from The Incredible Hulk tv show) but I enjoy these low budget flicks.


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