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Seen on: 07/04/2017

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Yamamoto Eri becomes Recoverability Zero (2016)

Directed by Yuki Kuwazuru

Drama | Horror

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A little creepy human drama from Japan. Miyabe and Soga who work for the city health department obtain information that Eri Yamamoto who is a career of mad man disease disappears. During their investigation, Eri’s sister Yui implicates them that Eri died of an air raid some days ago. They suspend the investigation, but they find out that Yui and her boyfriend Inoue has been sheltering Eri at home.

Length 81 minutes


Miyuki Osaki | Yui Sawada | Kosuke Komura

Viewing Notes

Appreciate taking a different approach to the zombie… ahem, “madman virus” genre but ultimately the chapters don’t always come together. More wheel-spinning and backtracking before getting to the meat of the story. And that’s some fresh meat. Literally. All the day-in-a-life and travelogue footage is nice bc I prefer seeing everyday Japan (over glossy urban Japan). How the story is framed knocks it down a peg but packs a wallop in the final sequence.


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