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Italy sword and sandals battle rescue kidnapping sea horses soldiers

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Seen on: 08/12/2017

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The Giant of Marathon (1959)

Directed by Mario Bava, Jacques Tourneur

Action | Adventure


A Greek soldier leads the fight against an invading Persian army.

Length 90 minutes


Gianni Loti | Alberto Lupo | Philippe Hersent | Daniela Rocca | Sergio Fantoni | Mylène Demongeot | Steve Reeves

Viewing Notes

Decent flick with Phillipides as the surrogate Hercules in this italo-sword & sandals actioner. Plot focuses on him and Andromeda, who initially hates him but of course falls in love until she’s kidnapped by Theocrites. So he has to save her and stop the Persian fleet from invading Greece.

There’s too much packed into this story for a 90 minute feature as each segment quickly jumps to the next so it’s easier to follow the romantic through line between Philippides and Andromeda, portrayed by the stunning Mylène Demongeot (born in 1935 and still acting today!). She has a familiar look that I cannot place. Here she plays Andromeda with a vulnerability but also with attitude.

This movie also features one of the fiercest underwater battles with soldiers getting speared and shot with arrows while swimming underwater to attack the Persian ships. Wouldn’t have been surprised if this was one of Bava’s earlier works but fits Jacques Tourneur as well. I have a feeling that Italian director’s cut is a lot more gruesome in those battle scenes.

I’d give this a higher rating if the film didn’t feel so rushed to hit all the story beats.

OH FUCK Mario Bava was an uncredited director on this!! Didn’t know that until I tallied this and saw his name then had to look it up. No wonder I recognized his hand during the more violent scenes, which I sure he had a greater hand in doing over the drama.


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