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Seen on: 09/03/2017

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Everyday is Valentine (2001)

Directed by Wong Jing

Romance | Drama | Comedy

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Wonderful can’t meet a man who does not lie—and then she bumps into professional liar Ok, who pretends to be rich in order to win her heart.

Length 99 minutes


Pinky Cheung | Moses Chan | Hui Siu-Hung | Chan On-ying | Lam Suet | Zuki Lee | Kitty Yuen | Natalie Ng | David Lee Wai-Sheung | Matt Chow | Cheung Tat-Ming | Leung Oi | Ng Man Tat | Kingdom Yuen | Cecilia Cheung | Leon Lai

Viewing Notes

Here for Cecilia. This is like an old school Hollywood story but set in modern HK/Macau. Girl falls for a guy who pretends to be a rich guy due to a misunderstanding. He goes with it and comedy / romance / heartbreak ensues. Interesting that Cecilia, who is absolutely stunning here, is playing her age at 21 years old at the time. Not a great film but good enough. Hits all the right beats for a predictable conclusion.


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