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Seen on: 09/04/2017

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Aakhri Adaalat (1988)

Directed by Rajiv Mehra

Crime | Action

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Inspector Amar Kaushal attempts to incarcerate wrong-doers in his society only lead to frustration when they are let off by the incompetence of the law and his superiors and seniors. Eventually Amar stands accused of killing several criminals and innocents which prompts him to take law into his own hands.

Length 148 minutes


Sushma Seth | Gulshan Grover | Sharat Saxena | Dimple Kapadia | Paresh Rawal | Vinod Khanna | Jackie Shroff | Aanjjan Srivastav | Sudhir Dalvi | A.K. Hangal | Vinod Mehra | Sonam | Mahavir Shah | Shafi Inamdar | Roopesh Kumar | Birbal | Bob Christo

Viewing Notes

Always love seeing young Jackie Shroff kicking ass. This is a wild ride too with the plot turning a corner at each act. Vinod Khanna portrays the disgraced inspector that cannot win in court to effectively incarcerate the bad guys. Meanwhile a black leather-clad, helmeted vigilante on a motorcycle appears and begins murdering the main crime lords (this all happens with the first 20 min or so). Of course the gorgeous sub-inspector (Dimple Kapadia) immediately suspects Khanna. Then things get crazy. Real crazy. Super fun late-80s action crime with many of the Indian cinema hallmarks you’d expect.

Super happy that Netflix is offering films like this for streaming. Also a dilemma because I want to watch them all.


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