Vampire Clay (2018)

Directed by Sôichi Umezawa


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Absurdity and gore ensue as a possessed pile of clay begins terrorizing students at an art school.

Length 81 minutes


Kanji Tsuda | Asuka Kurosawa | Ena Fujita | Yuyu Makihara | Ryô Shinoda | Momoka Sugimoto | Kyôka Takeda

Viewing Notes

FF 2017 Day 1 - movie 3
First Midnighter is a decent creature feature and showcase for the FX skills of Sochi Umezawa. Goofy at times through a messy storyline but certainly something to witness. More of an indictment of the enrollment system for major universities in Japan. If it had focused more on the monster stuff and less on the commentary it would be less messy and maybe more fun.


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