Top Knot Detective (2017)

Directed by Aaron McCann, Dominic Pearce

Comedy | Action

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In the early 1990s, a Japanese samurai detective series was aired in Australia and became a cult success. Titled in Japan “Ronin Suiri Tentai” (meaning roughly “Deductive Reasoning Ronin”), it was soon known in the West as “Top Knot Detective.” The original series was legendary in Japan, a cultural train wreck led by Takashi Tawagoto, a crazy writer, producer, director and lead actor; one who could not act, fight or write at all.

Rated R | Length 90 minutes


Guitar Wolf | Masa Yamaguchi | James Helm | Kuni Hashimoto | Dario Russo | Yoji Tatsuta | Ben Sutton | Matt Lovkis | Yasushi Asaya | Toshi Okuzaki | Mayu Iwasaki | Izumi Woods | Des Mangan | Travis Johnson | Nobuaki Shimamoto | Oscar Harris | Lee Lin Chin | Hoa Xuande | Arnold Wong | James Magnus | Clint Lawrence | Saaya Elieff | Sumina Elieff

Viewing Notes

FF2017 Day 5:movie 1 - Deductive Reasoning! Enjoyed TOP KNOT DETECTIVE quite a bit for it’s commitment to the joke and earnest filmmaking. Very creative and clever at times. The effort is all onscreen. Also would watch the hell outta TIMESTRYKER. They should make that show for the hell of it. Hopefully the DVD extras will extra all the TV show footage they prepared for this mockumentary.


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