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Seen on: 09/26/2017

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Baasha (1995)

Directed by Suresh Krissna

Action | Crime | Romance

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Auto rickshaw driver Manickam avoids violence at all costs. When some thugs begin to intimidate Manickam’s family, it triggers the revival of Manickam’s old self.

Length 145 minutes


Rajinikanth | Janagaraj | Nagma | Yuvarani | Vijayakumar | Raghuvaran | Devan | Dhamu | Anandaraj | Kalyan | Sathyapriya | Mahanadhi Sankar | Charan Raj | Shashikumar | Narsing Yadav | Kitty | Thalapathi Dinesh | Harikumar

Viewing Notes

FF2017 Day 6 - Movie: beautiful film so well paced with music, romance, action. Rajni is life. He brings so much to the role. Wonderful addition to the festival. Thank you, Josh!

Baasha is life


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