Vidar the Vampire (2017)

Directed by Thomas Aske Berg, Fredrik Waldeland

Horror | Comedy

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A Christian farmer searching for a higher purpose to life, falls into sin and wakes up as the Prince of Darkness in the city of Stavanger, Norway.

Length 83 minutes


Kim Sønderholm | Henrik Rafaelsen | Thomas Aske Berg | Espen Hana | Marit Sanden | Penda Faal | Ingvar Skretting | Brigt Skrettingland | Fredrik Waldeland | Isabelle Cau | Camilla Thorvaldsen

Viewing Notes

FF2017 Day 8/Movie 4: final film of the fest Norwegian VIDAR THE VAMPIRE is humorous take on religion with the intentional Christ vampire allegory as a profane Jesus introducing a newly turned farmboy to vices of urban nightlife. Light, fun and silly at times but a nice way to close the festival with director and cast there.


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