2307: Winter's Dream (2018)

Directed by Joey Curtis

Science Fiction | Action

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In 2307, a future soldier is sent on a mission to hunt down the leader of the humanoid rebellion.

Length 101 minutes


Paul Sidhu | Branden Coles | Arielle Holmes | Kelcey Watson | Anne-Solenne Hatte | Timothy Lee DePriest | Stormi Henley | Harwood Gordon | Sirwan Assad | Josiah Black | Quinne Daniels | Rebekah Del Rio | Duchess Dukes | Fernando Argosino | Sophie Mazzaro | Michael Foster | Cecile Namer | Sarah Rhoades | Brad Potts | Derick Neikirk | John Kyle Sutton | Frank Coppola | Rowan Smyth

Viewing Notes

Kinda amazing that 300 years into the future nearly everything is the same as today; tech, clothing, machinery, vehicles, etc. One of my movie pet peeves is setting the story so far into the future and lacking any real vision of what that future could be. This would’ve been better served if it were only 30 year into the future. More plausible. Just feels hokey outfitting these soldiers as they would be outfitted today the only difference is that they have pulse weapons.

Anyways this movie is an amalgamation of several sci-fi tropes you’ve seen before and done better. Humanoids were created by man to be the ultimate worker and fighting machine. The leader escapes and a washed up soldier is tasked with hunting him down and killing him. It’s established that these humanoids are way stronger than man yet these dipshit soldiers still go in to fight him one on one.

There’s an ongoing ice age for permanent winter but it’s so hard to gauge exactly how cold it really is. Sometimes they wear protective headgear and sometimes they don’t. Also I’m sure this was shot on digital but it looks so muddy blown up on the big screen. Frankly I’m surprised this got any kind of theatrical release. Very weird move. One dude in my theater walked out.

By the end this isn’t the worst movie of I’ve seen of this type and I give it credit for being coherent even with borrowed ideas. Clearly this was a labor of love by the director who also wrote the screenplay.


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