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exploitation nudity swamp manhunt Louisiana grindhouse revenge murder

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Seen on: 10/29/2017

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'Gator Bait (1974)

Directed by Beverly Sebastian, Ferd Sebastian

Action | Thriller

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Desiree lives deep in the swamp and supports herself and her siblings by poaching. Ben and deputy Billy hope to get a little sexual comfort from the “Cajun swamp rat” when they catch Desiree trapping ‘gators, and give chase. Desiree outsmarts them but Billy accidentally shoots Ben and tells his sheriff dad that Desiree did it. Ben’s dad and sons join them in the search party and quickly get out of control. Soon the hunters become the hunted as Desiree exacts her revenge for their violence against her family.

Rated R | Length 88 minutes


Sam Gilman | Bill Thurman | Claudia Jennings | Janit Baldwin | Douglas Dirkson | Tracy Sebastian | Clyde Ventura | Don Baldwin | Ben Sebastian

Viewing Notes

This is a weird one for even my library to have. And the shelve it in the horror section?! My gray Market DVD doesn’t play so I picked it up to finally watch it. Love Claudia Jennings as I’ve noted here. Odd choice to have here speak in this Cajun dialect, barely. It’s more like cave woman talk.


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