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Rating: 8 stars


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Seen on: 12/15/2017

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Better Watch Out (2016)

Directed by Chris Peckover

Horror | Holiday | Thriller

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On a quiet suburban street tucked within a ‘safe neighborhood’, a babysitter must defend a twelve-year-old boy from strangers breaking into the house, only to discover that this is far from a normal home invasion.

Rated R | Length 89 minutes


Patrick Warburton | Virginia Madsen | Brendan Clearkin | Ed Oxenbould | Levi Miller | Olivia DeJonge | Dacre Montgomery | Aleks Mikic | Tara Jade Borg | Alexandra Matusko | Georgia Holland | Beau Andre | Michi Fifer | Tricia Mary Hennessy | Mary Clearkin | Hugo Monotti

Viewing Notes

I picked this up on Blu-ray like two days before it appeared on Shudder. Doh! My intent was to screen it at our Xmas Horror Movie Night and it worked out bc Scott shockingly doesn’t have Shudder. This was definitely a highlight and held up to the hype from Fantastic Fest. Also glad they changed that awful title. Cool, cruel flick that subverts expectations. Dug it a lot. Olivia DeJonge is a star in the making. Hope she gets more good roles.


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