What Price Hollywood? (1932)

Directed by George Cukor



Sassy and ambitious waitress Mary Evans amuses and befriends amiable seldom-sober Hollywood film director Max Carey when he stumbles into her restaurant. Max invites Mary to his film premiere and, after a night of drinking and carousing, Mary is granted a screen test. A studio contract follows. Just as Mary finds her dreams coming true, Carey’s life and career begins its descent.

Length 88 minutes


Eric Wilton | Josephine Whittell | Bryant Washburn | Phil Tead | Gertrude Short | Florence Roberts | Torben Meyer | Jim Mason | Wilfred Lucas | Aggie Herring | Effie Ellsler | Adrienne D'Ambricourt | Marcelle Corday | Heinie Conklin | Lita Chevret | Nicholas Caruso | Veda Buckland | Gerald Barry | King Baggot | Eddie 'Rochester' Anderson | Louise Beavers | Brooks Benedict | Gregory Ratoff | Neil Hamilton | Lowell Sherman | Constance Bennett

Viewing Notes

Always enjoy viewing early films about Hollywood, how it was presented on the big screen in those days. This starts out like a comedy but gets super serious as Constance Bennett’s character rises in fame.


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