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Seen on: 01/03/2018

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Always Shine (2016)

Directed by Sophia Takal


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On a trip to Big Sur, two friends, both actresses, try to reconnect with one another. Once alone, the women’s suppressed jealousies and deep-seated resentments begin to rise, causing them to lose their grasp on not only the true nature of their relationship, but also their identities.

Length 85 minutes


Jane Adams | Colleen Camp | Michael Lowry | Khan Baykal | Caitlin Fitzgerald | Lawrence Michael Levine | Mackenzie Davis | Alexander Koch | Marisa Takal

Viewing Notes

Saw this on BJ’s top ten horror movies from 2017 and it was the only one I hadn’t seen on her list. So I picked it up from the library. Sounds intriguing.


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