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alcatraz siege hostage situation revenge rescue mission soldiers san francisco car chase prison buddy cop

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Seen on: 03/31/2018 (rewatch)

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The Rock (1996)

Directed by Michael Bay

Action | Crime | Thriller

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FBI chemical warfare expert Stanley Goodspeed is sent on an urgent mission with a former British spy, John Patrick Mason, to stop Gen. Francis X. Hummel from launching chemical weapons on Alcatraz Island into San Francisco. Gen. Hummel demands $100 million in war reparations to be paid to the families of slain servicemen who died on covert operations. After their SEAL team is wiped out, Stanley and John deal with the soldiers on their own.

Rated R | Length 137 minutes


David Morse | Ed Harris | Sean Connery | Steve Harris | Michael Biehn | Nicolas Cage | Todd Louiso | Xander Berkeley | Claire Forlani | William Forsythe | Danny Nucci | Jim Caviezel | Gregory Sporleder | David Bowe | John C. McGinley | Tony Todd | John Spencer | Raymond Cruz | Greg Collins | Bokeem Woodbine | Raquel Krelle | Brendan Kelly | Vanessa Marcil | Celeste Weaver | Jim Maniaci | Billy Devlin

Viewing Notes

Fun revisit. I didn’t see this when it initially was released but a co-worker talked it up back in ‘99 so I rented it and was equally entertained. Still holds up rather well even as ridiculous as it becomes at times w/those sequences. Fortunately there’s a stellar cast top to bottom and it’s sad to see how fucking amazing Sean Connery was during this time knowing that he just up and quit the biz after LXG.

I wish Michael Bay was still making movies like this rather than Transformers.


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