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Seen on: 04/10/2018

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5 Card Stud (1968)

Directed by Henry Hathaway

Western | Mystery | Crime

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The players in an ongoing poker game are being mysteriously killed off, one by one.

Length 103 minutes


Roy Jenson | Don Collier | Ted de Corsia | Whit Bissell | Bill Fletcher | Denver Pyle | Yaphet Kotto | Ruth Springford | John Anderson | Katherine Justice | Roddy McDowall | Inger Stevens | Robert Mitchum | Dean Martin

Viewing Notes

This was remade??

This is a p wild film that you don’t see very often (just like last night’s horror western)... western crime featuring a serial killer that’s murdering gamblers in a small western town. Good perfs by Dean Martin and Roddy McDowell. Mitchum is always good. Fun movie that I only heard about recently. Need to check if it was really remade or a different movie w/same title.

Nah, not remade. Would be a cool flick to remake w/a solid cast a la Magnificent Seven.


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