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shudder giallo Italy murder court room murder mystery

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Seen on: 05/24/2018

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The Bloodstained Butterfly (1971)

Directed by Duccio Tessari

Mystery | Crime

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When a young female student is savagely killed in a park during a thunderstorm, the culprit seems obvious:  TV sports personality Alessandro Marchi, seen fleeing the scene of the crime by numerous eyewitnesses.  The evidence against him is damning… but is it all too convenient?  And when the killer strikes again while Marchi is in custody, it quickly becomes apparent that there’s more to the case than meets the eye…

Length 99 minutes


Ida Galli | Wolfgang Preiss | Wendy D'Olive | Günther Stoll | Helmut Berger | Silvano Tranquilli | Carole André | Dana Ghia | Giancarlo Sbragia | Lorella De Luca | Stefano Oppedisano | Anna Zinnemann | Gabriella D'Olive | Peter Shepherd | Federica Tessari

Viewing Notes

Spends about half the runtime in the court room. Most of story told in flashbacks from witness testimony. Not a great giallo but an okay murder mystery.


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