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Amazon Prime Italy murder mystery ten little indians inheritance double cross murder affair

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A ... For Assassin (1966)

Directed by Angelo Dorigo

Crime | Mystery

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A young woman returns to her family’s castle to find his uncle’s corpse. He left his will on reels of a tape recorder, the dead man reads his last will and judgment of them all in the crowded room. Four of the congregation seven, is under suspicion for the crime.

Length 90 minutes


Ivano Staccioli | Franco Pesce | Aldo Rendine | Barbara Penn | Giovanna Lenzi | Roland Redman | Gilberto Mazzi | Giovanna Galletti | Charlie Charun | Aiche Nana | Ivano Davoli | Mary Arden | Alan Steel

Viewing Notes

Fun ten little indians murder mystery from Italy in its original language.


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