Soul of the Sword (1978)

Directed by Hua Shan

Action | Eastern | Romance

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Ti Lung is the Nameless Swordsman bent on defeating the faceless King of Swords to claim the title, and the glory, for himself. Hordes of fighters lunge from the shadows to cut down the mysterious challenger. Even a cunning seductress takes a stab at him in a revealing bath house assassination. It is said that a man’s weapon reflects his utmost dreams, desires and fears. A warrior with no name and one motive has a soul as merciless as cold steel.

Length 85 minutes


Ti Lung | Lin Chen-Chi | Ku Feng | Yue Wing | Norman Chu | Lily Li Li-Li | Chan Shen | Lam Fai-Wong | Wong Ching-Ho | Dave Wong Kit | Corey Yuen | Hsu Hsia | Gam Tin-Chue | Lau Wai-Ling | Chan Jun-Ho | Keung Hon | Ng Hong-Sang | Lee Hoi-Sang | Lun Ga-Chun | Brandy Yuen | Yuen Wah | Pei Chi Huang | Hung Ling-Ling | Fanny Leung

Viewing Notes

“Be careful what you wish for” and “the pursuit is more rewarding than achieving the final goal” are but two of the morals from this story.

Very straightforward with some obvious plot points including the final reveal all very predictable but doesn’t diminish the enjoyment of watching Ti Lung be a badass swordsman.

Also rather provocative with some body double nudity among two of the lady assassins as well as a couple of sex scenes.


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