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Seen on: 09/04/2018

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A -X-L (2018)

Directed by Oliver Daly

Science Fiction | Action | Family

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The life of a teenage boy is forever altered by a chance encounter with cutting edge military technology.

Rated PG-13 | Length 98 minutes


Alex Neustaedter | Becky G | Alex MacNicoll | Dominic Rains | Thomas Jane | Lou Taylor Pucci | Patricia De Leon | Niko Guardado | Marie-Fran├žoise Theodore | Ted McGinley | Madeline Bertani | Andrew Ortenberg | Hassie Harrison | Maggy Vick | Sam Upton | Eric Etebari | Jonathan Camp | Don Smith | Dan Callahan | Ashley Gibson | Chance Lang | Chloe Bridges | Jerry DiLeo | Fred Tatasciore | Dorian Kingi | Stanton Lee | Stacey Arwen Raab | Jake Riley | Nicholas Wayne Thompson | Dominic Vedder | Chris Verdugo

Viewing Notes

Moviepass hack! Since this title wasn’t available for who the hell knows why (literally me and two other people in the theater) I bought a ticket for another movie I wouldn’t see then exchanged it for this movie. Normally I wouldn’t bother with the exchange but that other movie wasn’t showing for another 2 hours so needed to do the exchange.

Anyways this movie A-X-L is ridiculous and dopey AF but I love a good “boy and his dog” story and this one delivers. Also features my favorite Yellow Ranger, Trini (Becky G) so that is a bonus.

It’s just so absurd that the army creates robot dogs to help with warfare when later they show how drones are so much more effective. Like why do they need the robot dog then? Fucking stupid. I really just wanted to watch the robot dog and motocross kid doing tricks together in the desert. Needed more of that. Everything else is obvious and dumb but I like dogs so I got that much anyways.


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