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Bulldog Drummond Escapes (1937)

Directed by James P. Hogan

Adventure | Thriller

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Drummond manages to save a woman from jumping in front of his car but she runs away with his car. He traces her and she asks him to help her out of a dangerous situation.

Rated G | Length 67 minutes


E.E. Clive | Reginald Denny | Ray Milland | Zeffie Tilbury | Clyde Cook | Porter Hall | Doris Lloyd | Walter Kingsford | Heather Angel | Colin Tapley | David Clyde | Guy Standing | Fay Holden | P.J. Kelly | Charles McNaughton | Frank Elliott | Robert Adair | J. Gunnis Davis | Bobby Hale | Barry Macollum | Henry Mowbray | John Power | Pat Somerset | Ernie Stanton

Viewing Notes

Just discovered a bunch of Bulldog Drummond flicks on Prime. This one stars Ray Milland in the titular role!


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