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Seen on: 12/03/2018

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2.0 (2018)

Directed by S. Shankar

Science Fiction | Action

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An ornithologist who commits suicide returns as fifth force to wreack vengeance on mankind for harming birds with mobile phone radiation. The only thing that is standing in his way is 2.0, the upgraded version of Chitti, the robot.

Rated NR | Length 149 minutes


Rajinikanth | Akshay Kumar | Amy Jackson | Sudhanshu Pandey | Adil Hussain | Kalabhavan Shajon | Kaizaad Kotwal | Dr. K. Ganesh | Anant Mahadevan | Mayilsamy | Sanchana Natarajan | Aishwarya Rai Bachchan | Raveena Ravi

Viewing Notes

Not nearly as fun as the first film Enthiran but the CG are a lot better (not super great a la Industrial Light & Magic but passable). The story is out there but at least it is based in something everyone can understand (mobile phones ruining the world). The action is a bit much at times like CGI soup and made me sleepy. The only dance/musical number happens during the credits and it’s pretty good but sad none were included during the movie. Amy Jackson is a stunner.


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