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Charlie Chan at Treasure Island (1939)

Directed by Norman Foster

Mystery | Suspense

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Charlie’s investigation of a phony psychic during the 1939 World Exposition on San Francisco’s Treasure Island leads him to expose a suicide as murder.

Length 72 minutes


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Viewing Notes

This is another really good Sidney Toler Chan flick. A better title might have been Charlie Chan and the Mysterious Doctor Zodiac. However, after viewing the extra features I totally understand why they went with Treasure Island. I didn’t know anything about this manmade island created in the Bay of SF but the featurette about it was nice to watch. Basically a Worlds Fair that was short lived due to the inevitable war. Sad that it was demolished bc of the war. Would be neat to see remnants of it. Very cool to watch a film and also learn something new. Would be wild if the Treasure Island survived and still existed today.

As for the movie, there a few holes in the story around the motive of the murders and Doctor Zodiac. Always find it amusing when really none of that is explained.


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