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Sorceress (1982)

Directed by Jack Hill

Adventure | Action | Fantasy

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To maintain his powers, the evil wizard Traigon must sacrifice his firstborn child to the god Caligara. His wife, however, has other ideas and runs away after giving birth with her twin daughters. Before dying, she hands the girls over to the warrior Krona who promises to raise them as great soldiers. Twenty years later, Traigon returns and begins hunting down his daughters once again. Will the twins, with the help of the Barbarian Erlik and the Viking Baldar, be able to defeat their father?

Rated R | Length 83 minutes


Miguel Ángel Fuentes | Tony Stevens | Douglas Sanders | Roberto Ballesteros | Ana De Sade | Bruno Rey | David Millbern | Roberto Nelson | Lynette Harris | Leigh Harris

Viewing Notes

I should probably sell my vhs of this. When I met Jack Hill I asked him about this movie and if it would ever get a proper release (beyond vhs) and he said that it would be a miracle if it happened. Guessing his disputes with Corman regarding the director credit was one of the issues.

Jim Wynorski wrote this movie, of course.


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