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Charlie Chan detective Egypt murder mystery professor

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Seen on: 01/20/2019

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Charlie Chan in Egypt (1935)

Directed by Louis King

Mystery | Crime

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While investigating the theft of antiquities from an ancient tomb excavation , Charlie discovers that the body of the expedition’s leader concealed inside the mummy’s wrappings.

Length 73 minutes


Frank Reicher | Warner Oland | George Irving | Frank Conroy | Jameson Thomas | Rita Hayworth | Nigel De Brulier | John George | Paul Porcasi | John Davidson | Thomas Beck | Pat Paterson | Stepin Fetchit | Arthur Stone | James Eagles | Anita Brown

Viewing Notes

Hope there‚Äôs a mummy… there is. Sorta.

This had the potential to be one of the all-timers w/the Egyptian backdrop and mystery around discovering a pharaoh’s tomb. Sadly (outside of a creative murder/hide the body bit) it’s rather flat overall. Also bc of the change of location Chan is on his own. No Keye Luke.


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