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Seen on: 01/22/2019

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The Good Earth (1937)

Directed by Sidney Franklin

Drama | Epic | Eastern

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China, during the rule of the Qing Dynasty. The arranged marriage between Wang Lung, a humble farmer, and O-Lan, a domestic slave, will endure the many hardships of life over the years; but the many temptations of a fragile prosperity will endanger their love and the survival of their entire family…

Length 139 minutes


Charley Grapewin | Paul Muni | Jessie Ralph | Keye Luke | Walter Connolly | Olaf Hytten | Harold Huber | Philip Ahn | Soo Yong | Luise Rainer | Tilly Losch | William Law | Ching Wah Lee | Roland Lui | Suzanna Kim | Mary Wong

Viewing Notes

Another Keye Luke film! Also weird to watch these yellowface movies from the past. This one is pretty epic given the story and drama. Would be neat to see a full on Chinese adaption of this (produced in China with an appropriate cast).


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