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Seen on: 02/22/2019

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Aquanoids (2003)

Directed by Reinhart Peschke


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On a small island off the California coast it’s the Fourth of July and tourists are washing up dead in Babylon Bay, once again! In 1987, rumor has it that mysterious sea creatures called Aquanoids were responsible for 17 vicious deaths. The Mayor dispelled the sightings as urban legend to protect the local tourist trade. Join environmental activist Vanessa DuMont as her fight to save the endangered abalone on Santa Clara Island turns into a fight of her life.

Rated R


Edwin Craig | Laura Nativo | Robert Kimmel | Rhoda Jordan | Ike Gingrich | Laurence Hobbs | Suzan Spann | Christopher Irwin

Viewing Notes

Basically a low budget, shot-on-video Humanoids from the Deep remake. Not good but I can admire the effort and FX (lots of blood and a somewhat decent creature when it can be seen). Also this is a Sprocket Films upload to Amazon so that’s a red flag. They removed about 15 min of the feature which I’m guessing was sex scenes as they did leave some female nudity intact.


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