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Japan manga clone future earth

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Seen on: 03/03/2019, 01/15/2005 (rewatch)

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Appleseed (2004)

Directed by Shinji Aramaki

Science Fiction | Action | Animation

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In a utopian society created at the end of the third world war, a female warrior who has been plucked from the badlands begins to see cracks in this new facade. And what does this community have planned for the rest of humankind?

Rated R | Length 101 minutes


Ryûji Nakagi | Ikuo Nishikawa | Toshiyuki Morikawa | Takehito Koyasu | Tomoko Kawakami | Akimoto Tsubasa | Yuzuru Fujimoto | Mami Koyama | Asumi Miwa | Jūrōta Kosugi | Yuki Matsuoka | Ai Kobayashi

Viewing Notes

I think I saw this in theater when it was released here… but wow I don’t remember any of this. This does look gorgeous on my OLED. 

So very Masamune Shirow.


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