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Seen on: 03/05/2019

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The Making of 'Star Wars' (1977)

Directed by Robert Guenette

Documentary | History

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Ever wonder how they ever managed to make a movie like Star Wars? Well, bickering droid duo C-3PO and R2-D2 host this tour of the mind of creator George Lucas and what inspired him to make the movie. Even interviewed are the cast and crew, even features scenes of when C-3PO, R2-D2, and Darth Vader planted their footprints (or in R2’s case, tread-prints) into cement. Also discussed is Star Wars mania, how fans loved the movie, collected the merchandise and danced the disco music. Also shown are behind-the-scenes looks at the movie, as well as how difficult each effect was in doing since they didn’t have the convenience of computer animation back then.

Rated G | Length 50 minutes


David Prowse | Peter Mayhew | James Earl Jones | Don LaFontaine | Garrick Hagon | Peter Diamond | Kenny Baker | Gary Kurtz | William Conrad | George Lucas | Anthony Daniels | Harrison Ford | Mark Hamill | Carrie Fisher

Viewing Notes

Wasn’t planning on watching another SW doc tonight but I just kept going bc it’s right there… and damnit if this isn’t the most charming, delightful fucking thing. Also bittersweet. Seeing Alec Guinness and Carrie Fisher interviewed at this time in their lives is quite special. Carrie is so fucking adorable. Also the BTS stuff is wonderful watching these actors having fun.

I miss this George Lucas. For all those fuckers out there that aren’t down w/the humor in THE LAST JEDI, Lucas even states here (40+ years ago) that he wanted the droids to be the comedy relief. ~sigh~ I wonder if he still has that giant gumball machine. Also, so much plaid back in the day (even more noticeable on the SPFX ESB doc I just watched).

What’s cool about this is that at the time none of these people had any idea of how big and historic SW would become. They’re just making a movie and all that. It’s nice to see. I love seeing Harrison Ford just having a good time.

The William Conrad narration is just *chef’s kiss* perfect.


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