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Daughter of the Nile (1987)

Directed by Hou Hsiao-hsien

Drama | Crime

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The eldest daughter of a broken and troubled family works to keep the family together and look after her younger siblings, who are slipping into a life of crime.

Length 91 minutes


Sit Chi-Jing | Yu An-Shun | Lam Kui | Wu Nien-Jen | Grace Chen Shu-Fang | Hsin Shu-Fen | Tsui Fu-Sheng | Li Tian-Lu | Jack Kao | Yang Lin

Viewing Notes

Finally more HHH. Yang Lin is a marvel. She carries the emotional burden of the story and also has to be the strongest in her family of criminals. She’s both the sister and mother to them. Tragic tale of how crime breaks this family.


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