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Seen on: 03/13/2019

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Christopher Strong (1933)

Directed by Dorothy Arzner

Drama | Romance

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A romance develops between a happily married middle-aged British politician and an adventurous young aviatrix.

Length 78 minutes


Gwendolyn Logan | Donald Stuart | Paul Ralli | Margaret Lindsay | Agostino Borgato | Desmond Roberts | Jack La Rue | Ralph Forbes | Irene Browne | Helen Chandler | Colin Clive | Billie Burke | Katharine Hepburn

Viewing Notes

This was the film programmed by Chicago Film Society for this week at NEIU. I was gonna go but discovered it was available from Warner Archive via the library system.

I’m sure that 35mm print looked better than this lousy transfer via Warner but the film didn’t really knock my socks off. First off, this film shoulda been called “Lady Cynthia” since it’s her movie. Kathy Hepburn is great. Colin Clive is just okay. The story is meant to be a female empowerment tale but ends tragically.


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