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A Thousand Years of Good Prayers (2007)

Directed by Wayne Wang


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The film follows Mr. Shi, a retired widower from Beijing. When his only daughter, Yilan, who lives in Spokane, Washington and works as a librarian, gets divorced, he decides to visit her to help her heal. However, Yilan is not interested. She tries keeping an emotional distance but when this finally fails she begins physically avoiding her father. He confronts her about an affair with a married Russian man and she, in turn, lets loose about all the gossip she’d heard as a young girl about his alleged affair with a female colleague back in China.

Length 83 minutes


Jared Wagner | Pavel Lychnikoff | Henry O | Feihong Yu | Vida Ghahremani

Viewing Notes

Another Asian-American film by Wayne Wang. Can understand why he would tackle this story as it relates to previous work he’s done. Father comes from Beijing to care for his recently divorced daughter in Spokane only to find that she’s not too happy about his visit. This is a good drama that would work well (perhaps better?) as a stage play. Nice performance by the two leads here.


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