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Japan girls with guns rescue prison

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Sukeban Deka The Movie (1987)

Directed by Hideo Tanaka

Action | Crime

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After the events of the TV series, the 18 year old Yoko Godai has abandoned her special agent Saki Asamiya name to return to her normal life, and is now studying for college entrance exams. However, she accidentally bumps into a young man named Kazuo Hagiwara trying to escape from a group of hitmen, and learns that he comes from Sankou Gakuen, a private school located in a remote island known as Hell’s Castle. The school is ruled by a former revolutionary thought to be dead named Hattori who is trying to brainwash students into terrorists to help him stage a fascist coup d’etat in Japan.

Length 93 minutes


Yuka Ônishi | Akie Yoshizawa | Shinji Wada | Yayoi Tanaka | Tetta Sugimoto | Shinobu Sakagami | Haruko Sagara | Taketoshi Naitô | Yuma Nakamura | Katsumi Muramatsu | Hiroyuki Nagato | Goro Kataoka | Yôko Minamino | Ayako Kobayashi | Keizo Kanie | Masatō Ibu | Yui Asaka

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Love this movie!


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