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Seen on: 05/26/2019

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Apprentice Witches (2017)

Directed by Liang Feng

Fantasy | Drama | Mystery

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Story of a group of students studying at the Magic Academy. One of the students, Ke Doudou, dies unexpectedly so there is an investigation. They discover a classmate practicing dark magic. This unveils a larger conspiracy which the students must come together to resolve and find the killer of their classmate.

Length 67 minutes


Viewing Notes

There’s a murder at the Magic Academy!

I actually watched this earlier this morning but spent like 2/3 of the time researching this title bc it’s not in IMDb (nor was in TMDb until I added it). Was trying to verify the title and director before adding it. Then added it but by that time the movie was almost over. So watching now.

As I thought, this isn’t very good. It plays more like a drama than a feature. But packs in a ton of plot that could last half a season or more. A student “kills” another student but she’s not really the culprit so the movie immediately teases who is responsible. Why? I don’t know but it’s dumb. So it’s a predictable path towards a face-off w/the real killer.

This is kinda like a dull Chinese Hogwarts movie. Has none of the fun or adventure in the wizarding world. But this movie does have the actual replica wands from the Harry Potter movies. So weird.

Anyways, this is a DTV vehicle to highlight attractive young people (Lanxin portrayed by Lin Yufan is so vampy in her getup and is at the academy not as a student so not even sure why she’s there other than as a plot device) in a fantasy world with elaborate sets. Also has the most bizarro sequel tease ending but then has another ending of the two main characters just sitting there playing a mobile phone game. WHAT


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