Spider-Man: Far from Home (2019)

Directed by Jon Watts

Action | Science Fiction | Thriller

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Peter Parker and his friends go on a summer trip to Europe. However, they will hardly be able to rest - Peter will have to agree to help Nick Fury uncover the mystery of creatures that cause natural disasters and destruction throughout the continent.

Rated PG-13 | Length 129 minutes


Shari Abdul | Sean Coleman | Maria Alexandrova | Kristen Alminta | Vincent Angel | Peter Arpesella | Sitara Attaie | Peter Bankolé | Blair Barnette | Tuwaine Barrett | Anna Benamati | Pierre Bergman | Avondre E.D. Beverley | Bruno Bilotta | Luigi Boccanfuso | Paolo Braghetto | Dante Brattelli | Graham Burton | Ken Byrd | Sokol Cahani | Gianni Calchetti | Eric Patrick Cameron | Darren Lee Campbell | Hélène Cardona | Dian Cathal | Jake Cerny | Komal Charania | Sam Chuck | Shafali Rani Chung | Daphne Cheung | Victoria Coburn | Tiziana Coste | Kevin Daigneault | Jaylen Davis | Peter Dawson | Leonys Delossantos | Kristianne-Kaith Domingo | Andrew Dunkelberger | Charlie Rhea Esquér | Ria Fend | Ferroz Fernandez | Vincent Frattini | Massi Furlan | Cynthia Garbutt | Thomas Goodridge | Jake Hanson | Nicholle Hembra | Michael Hennessy | Meagan Holder | Patrick Holly | Chris Hyacinthe | Roman Ibragimov | Theo Ip | Timothy Christian Jansen | Daham Kandanarrachchi | Camille Kinloch | Hannah Kurczeski | Jimena Larraguivel | Rich Lawton | Gavin Lee Lewis | Joseph Long | Tyrone Love | Bradley Wj Miller | Antonín Masek | Aristou Meehan | Anthony Molinari | Julia Mollin | Brendan Murphy | Daniel Olson | Karen Parks | Hiten Patel | Clay Pel-is | Luigi Petrazzuolo | Aleksandrs Petukhovs | Annie Pisapia | Martin Polak | Jivan Xander Ramesh | Mike Ray | Sofia Renee | Faith Logan | Cailan Robinson | Emmanuel Rodriguez | Ray Rosario | Daniel Ryves | Monae Samone | Susanne Schraps | Alessandro Sciarra | Karen-J Sear | Ilya Tank Shilov | Joakim Skarli | Lucas Antoine Starrets | Emily Tebbutt | Oskar Ulvestad | Lesdy Vanessa | Jessica VanOss | Joe David Walters | Jo Wheatley | Dale Wilder | Jeff Bridges | Robert Downey Jr. | Paul Slim | Amanda Musso | Kath Leroy | Adrian Mozzi | Tina Simmons | Tony Mardon | Rocco Wu | Daniel Rennis | Giuseppe Andriolo | Géraldine Lamarre | Emily Ng | Michael Iacono | Sonia Goswami | Ruth Horrocks | Davina Sitaram | Samantha Mishinski | Petr Opava | Keon Kendrick | Sergio Pierattini | Tatiana Lunardon | Al Clark | Alessandro Giuggioli | Lukáš Bech | Jan-Paul Buijs | Michael de Roos | Jeroen van Koningsbrugge | Brian Law | Evelyn Mok | Anjana Vasan | Pat Kiernan | Sharon Blynn | Claire Rushbrook | Ben Mendelsohn | J.K. Simmons | Nicholas Gleaves | Clare Dunne | Peter Billingsley | Tyler Luke Cunningham | Toni Garrn | Sebastian Viveros | Giada Benedetti | Joshua Sinclair-Evans | Yasmin Mwanza | Zoha Rahman | Zach Barack | Dawn Michelle King | Numan Acar | Cobie Smulders | Jorge Lendeborg Jr. | J.B. Smoove | Martin Starr | Remy Hii | Tony Revolori | Angourie Rice | Jacob Batalon | Marisa Tomei | Samuel L. Jackson | Jon Favreau | Zendaya | Jake Gyllenhaal | Tom Holland

Viewing Notes

IMAX & a/c - yeah I love this movie. Not entirely perfect but a very good punctuation on the MCU as we know it. Tony Stark is such a presence in the movie w/o actually being in the movie (bet RDJr loves that). I’m okay with it since Peter, Happy and the rest are still dealing with his death. It was a big deal so how do you move on… especially when everywhere you look is another reminder (all the tributes, the glasses, etc.).

It is rather interesting to rewatch the film after viewing that end credit stinger. Mainly to watch how both Nick Fury and Maria Hill act, which on the first viewing I thought something was off about them and their behavior. But it made a lot more sense as to why they were so cold. I did like the mid-credit stinger and the return of JK Simmons and framing Spider-Man as a villain.

Still love Mysterio a lot. The Berlin sequence really hit a nostalgia button going back to the sixties animated series when Spidey fought Mysterio on the regular. That was captured so well in the movie.

The awkwardness between MJ and Peter was charming. Felt genuine and relatable. Really good stuff. Zendaya is so great as that character.

What I didn’t care for: the teachers (Smoove and Starr) and the humor that didn’t work anytime they were involved. I didn’t really care much for anything with the students even the puppy love w/Ned and Betty. A lot of that took me back to HOMECOMING and I didn’t care for it then either. 

I’m glad this was the last movie in the current MCU. TBH I wouldn’t mind them taking a full year off as in no Marvel movies in 2020. Give us a rest and make us eager to want to see the next phase. As much as I want to see this MJ and Peter again in many more films I can wait. Actually I’d love to see the next phase in Peter’s life as a college student / photographer for the Daily Bugle. It would be cool if they started production but held off on releasing until at least 2021. Mainly to still film these young actors when they look young. I imagine Tom Holland won’t be looking like a teen much longer. He and Zendaya are 23yo now!


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