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Seen on: 07/05/2019, 09/26/2018 (rewatch)

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Holiday (2018)

Directed by Isabella Eklöf

Drama | Crime

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Sascha, the young and beautiful trophy girlfriend of a Danish drug lord, arrives at his holiday villa in the seaside town of Bodrum, on the Turkish Riviera, where she is welcomed into his inner circle. Under the summer sun, she lives a carefree dream of luxury and fun until she meets Tomas, a Dutch traveler trying to discover himself.

Length 93 minutes


Thijs Römer | Michiel de Jong | Yuval Segal | Stanislav Sevcik | Victoria Carmen Sonne | Lai Yde | Adam Ild Rohweder | Morten Hemmingsen | Bo Brønnum | Laura Kjær | Adam Strand | Mathias Bengtsson | Mill Jober | Saxe Rankenberg Frey | Begütay Temurhan | Tom Lindell | Niyazi Yildiz | André Schmitz | Adem Ekim | Ertuğrul Kalkan

Viewing Notes

This is another movie at FF2018 that I had no business being at b/c I was so damn tired and could barely keep my eyes open. I know I’m lukewarm on the movie so revisiting since MUBI programmed it (and it expires tomorrow).


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