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Central Japan (2014)

Directed by Ian Cross, Chris Ledger


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Join Megan McCormick on a journey of discovery across Japan’s spectacular heartland starting in Japan’s beautiful former capital Kyoto. She explores Buddhist temples, World Heritage Sites, and bargains at the city’s best flea market. She then travels to Osaka, and Iga-Ueno, a former ninja stronghold, where she learns the secrets of these famously skilled assailants. She also visits the remote Sado Island and Himeji.

Length 60 minutes


Megan McCormick

Viewing Notes

Actually watched this in the wee hours but had to add it to TMDb so waited until now to log it here. This is a nice departure from the usual Japan travel docs. Megan starts in Osaka the trains all around central Japan and up to Sado Island then flies back. She’s a goofball but genuinely appears to be having a good time participating in the cultural activities as well as highlighting them.

I’ve learned that being a bit of goofball is key to being a host for Globe Trekker. I believe I used to watch that series on PBS in the early 2000s. Kinda want to track down those early episodes because they really stoked my fire to travel abroad.


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