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Sakura Petals: The Samurai (2002)

Directed by Radu Polizu


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In ‘Sakura Petals: The Samurai’ we leave to the South and we stop in Kurashiki, one of the few cities in Japan that was not bombed during the WW2, preserving its original architecture. Further we visit Okayama, with its reconstructed Crow Castle and the beautiful garden, one of the top three gardens in Japan. We go later to Nagasaki and visit the Memorial Park and its beautiful row of Buddhist temples, and to Hagi where is the best preserved samurai quarter and traditional houses. We end up the tour in the holy island of Miya Jima full of roaming deers, where is one of the most important Shinto shrines in Japan, watching in the night the tide covering the famous floating Tori.

Length 40 minutes


Viewing Notes

This is an odd one. Basically a hand shot camcorder recording of this guy’s trip in central Japan. Not great by any stretch but it has a weird home-recording kind of charm. And that he built a little business off of these is endearing. There’s a couple more by him at my library I’ll watch.


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