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Planet Food: Japan (2012)

Directed by Paul Watson


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Merrilees Parker travels to Japan to learn about its unique food culture. She begins her journey in Tokyo, at Tsukiji, the world’s biggest fish market. Master chef, Romeo teaches her how to make the ultimate sushi, an art that takes years to master. Then it’s off to a ramen museum, where you can try various regional styles of the noodle soup. Escaping the city, Merrilees takes the bullet train to Matsusaka where she visits a farm that produces the most expensive beef in the world. She also visits Kyoto and Mount Fuji for the annual Summer Fire Festival to gorge herself on wonderful street food.

Length 50 minutes


Merrilees Parker

Viewing Notes

Really great for food lovers and Japan enthusiasts. Merrilees Parker is great and not too much of a goofball nor an ignorant dummy. Also one of the best photographed of all the recent Japan tour DVDs I’ve watched recently. I’d consider owning this if I found it cheap.


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