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Seen on: 07/14/2019

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Linking Love (2017)

Directed by Shusuke Kaneko

Comedy | Science Fiction | Fantasy

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High School student Miyui Mashio is really struggling. She can’t fulfill her dream of becoming an idol and her parents are always fighting. Suddenly, she finds a genie in a bottle and through an accident, finds herself back in 1991. She realizes she is now going to school with her parents. But the problem is, her parents do not seem to get along - so Miyui will never be born! Miyui learns her father is interested in idols and so together with her mother and other girls she forms the idol group AGS16 to make sure her parents will eventually fall in love.

Length 116 minutes


Masahiko Nishimura | Masaya Kikawada | Motoki Ochiai | Ryo Kato | Anna Ishibashi | Akiyoshi Nakao | Takayuki Kinoshita | Asuka Hinoi | Jin Shirasu | Kôji Ohkura | Anri Mihama | Mayu Hasegawa | Yûka Tano | Yu Mashima | Erina Masuda

Viewing Notes

This movie is excellent! It was a bonus screening at Pickwick since director Shusuke Kaneko was a guest of G-Fest. He was at the theater to introduce the movie. Before the film he signed my GAMERA trilogy blu-ray and said (about this movie) “no kaiju, okay?” He discussed the film briefly thru his translator Aoi Kuga that this was a Back to the Future story set in 1991 during the economic collapse of Japan when idol culture was no longer popular.

Turns out this movie is right in my wheelhouse. I love this movie. So funny and sweet. I’m fascinated by idol culture so every moment of this works for me. Had an ear to ear smile the entire time. After the film, Kaneko thanked everyone for coming out (it was a small group but a decent audience). Really wonderful way to cap the best G-Fest I’ve attended.


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