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Planet Food: Spice Trails (2012)

Directed by Kate Kinninmont, Navin Thapar, Victoria Bridges

Documentary | History

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In this remarkable journey, Planet Food travels the world to see how control of the spice trails, over the last five millennia, has made great cities and destroyed ancient civilizations. Our guides travel from the Molucca Islands of Indonesia, the original home of cloves and nutmeg, to the Indian province of Kerala, with its native pepper and cardamom. Additional stops include Venice, Beirut, Cairo and other significant places in the spice trade that created and toppled empires.

Length 52 minutes


Padma Lakshmi | Tyler Florence | Merrilees Parker

Viewing Notes

This is another good special produced by Pilot Films for the Globe Trekker series. Merrilees is the host and voice over narrator. I really like her. Other hosts include Padma Lakshmi and whoa is she great (always been a fan of hers). This special dives into the spices of several countries and the trade routes that blended different cuisines. Really cool doc that shouldn’t be watched on an empty stomach. I will watch this again before returning.


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