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Beirut City Guide (2007)

Directed by Dominic Allan

Documentary | History

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Beirut, Lebanon’s capital has a long history of political and social unrest that still makes headlines today. Globe Trekker’s Beirut City Guide captures the city in more optimistic days, two weeks before the latest outbreak of hostilities in Lebanon between Israeli and Hezbollah forces in July 2006. Globe Trekker Megan McCormick explores the neighborhoods of Basta, Solidere, Gemayze and the Hezbollah District and finds a city in the midst of regeneration. She gets a glimpse at Beirut’s future when meeting up with a group of young Arabic hip hop artists, who are eager to live in peace and put the country’s political troubles in the past.

Length 50 minutes


Ian Wright | Megan McCormick | Merrilees Parker

Viewing Notes

Very fascinating to view this Globe Trekker production after seeing others featuring Megan McCormick. She’s been such a goofball but her she’s rather subdued (for her) and a lot of that is because of being in Beirut. Totally different social climate compare to Japan or Hong Kong. There’s even an intertitle saying that 2 weeks after filming there was a violence conflict incident so check conditions before traveling to Beirut. So crazy.

Again, what’s nice here is getting to see some things that most tourists wouldn’t consider. Props to GT & Megan for presenting a full picture of the city and what to expect. This also includes side trips with Merrilees and Ian Wright.


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