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Seen on: 08/01/2019, 09/20/2018 (rewatch)

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Knife+Heart (2018)

Directed by Yann Gonzalez

Crime | Mystery

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In the summer of 1979, gay porn producer Anne sets out to film her most ambitious film yet, but her actors are picked off, one by one, by a mysterious killer.

Rated NR | Length 103 minutes


Elina Löwensohn | Jacques Nolot | Romane Bohringer | Vanessa Paradis | Yann Collette | Noé Hernández | Florence Giorgetti | Ingrid Bourgoin | Bertrand Mandico | Nicolas Maury | Kate Moran | Jules Ritmanic | Julie Brémond | Pierre-Vincent Chapus | Jonathan Genet | Agnès Berthon | Christophe Bier | Renan Prévot | Khaled Alouach | Els Deceukelier | Simon Thiébaut | Thomas Ducasse | Félix Maritaud | Naelle Dariya | Pierre Emö | Pierre Pirol | Thibault Servière | Bastien Waultier | Dourane Fall | Ndoho Ange | Teymour El Attar | Bertrand de Roffignac | Rémi Lauby | Jérémy Benkemoun | Tanguy Roger | Thomas Bouyou | Gilles Carré | Olivier Mulin | Prince Zefy | Valérie Lesage | Lionel Abenaqui | Lisa Signorini | Nicolas Dax | Jérémy Flaum | Roméo Husquin | Mathis Porcel | Igor Dewe

Viewing Notes

Expiring on MUBI (yes, it’s on Shudder too) so I fired it up and got immersed in it. Like more than I did at FF. I think it plays a little better on the small screen. Shit, this was shot on 35mm & 16mm! No wonder it looks so damn good.

I did recall something that drove me nuts on that first viewing: there’s a kid wearing a KISS shirt for their album “Creatures of the Night” which was released in 1982. The movie takes place in 1979.

Yeah it’s a small thing but when you know it, it stands out like a sore thumb. And you can’t forget it.

Love Kate Moran as Lois. She’s done a few other Yann films. Wonder if I can find those. Tbh the end credits scene is better than the film (but it takes the entire film to make that credit scene so good).


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