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Ultimate Scandinavia (2007)

Directed by Dominic Allan

Documentary | History

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In this ultimate guide to Scandinavia travelers Megan McCormick, Ian Wright and Neil Gibson explore Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Lapland, Finland and the Baltic States. From enjoying a traditional Viking festival to crossing the Arctic Circle into Lapland for dinner with reindeer herders to a visit to the capital of Lithuania, Vilinus, and the Midsummer Night Festival in Kernave, these hosts will introduce the viewer to a variety of sites and attractions during their Scandinavian tour.

Length 156 minutes


Ian Wright | Megan McCormick | Björn Borg | Neil Gibson

Viewing Notes

This Globe Trekker installment combines 3 separate episodes into one grand feature covering all of Scandinavia. I’ll say this again: super wild to watch after viewing MIDSOMMAR. Half of what is shown makes me not want to visit these countries. The other half i’m like “I WANT TO GO THERE NOW” so a decent variety of sites and attractions. Really weird that they get into some controversial areas (the entire segment w/Megan McCormick talking to the police who are busting people for marijuana possession). Also funny that she goes to some of the exact same spots that Merrilees Parker visits (and buys the same foods!).

I’m less keen on Neil Gibson’s tour thru the Baltics and Lithuania but still interesting but doesn’t look fun.


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