It (2017)

Directed by Andy Muschietti


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In a small town in Maine, seven children known as The Losers Club come face to face with life problems, bullies and a monster that takes the shape of a clown called Pennywise.

Rated R | Length 135 minutes


David Katzenberg | Kelly Van der Burg | Kate Moyer | Roberto Campanella | Chantal Vachon | Memo Díaz Capt. | Janet Porter | Sonia Gascón | Neil Crone | Paige Rosamond | Liz Gordon | Don Tripe | Jocelyn Mattka | Isabelle Nélisse | Kasie Rayner | Martha Gibson | Edie Inksetter | Tatum Lee | Katie Lunman | Carter Musselman | Javier Botet | Anthony Ulc | Ari Cohen | Joe Bostick | Megan Charpentier | Elizabeth Saunders | Steven Williams | Molly Atkinson | Pip Dwyer | Geoffrey Pounsett | Stuart Hughes | Stephen Bogaert | Jackson Robert Scott | Owen Teague | Logan Thompson | Jake Sim | Nicholas Hamilton | Bill Skarsgård | Wyatt Oleff | Chosen Jacobs | Jeremy Ray Taylor | Jack Dylan Grazer | Finn Wolfhard | Sophia Lillis | Jaeden Martell

Viewing Notes

Figured with the slim pickings I’d go see this again since I wanted to revisit before Chapter Two anyways. Also hopefully will keep me awake.

Was cool to see this on the big screen again and w/o any audience distractions. Still dislike the rigid seating at this theater and that they have zero interest in projecting films correctly (roughly 4ft of the image was projected on the curtains on each side of the screen).

As for the story, I’m still not keen on all the parents / adults being deliberately portrayed as bad/evil or generally aloof. I get why but I’d prefer them to just be normal rather than another foil for the Loser Club. Minor thing but the skinny jeans that Patrick (the first bully that’s killed) is wearing annoys me; no one in Maine was wearing skinny jeans in 1989.

The positives completely overcome those negatives. First the Losers Club is great. I love these kids. Ben is my favorite followed by Eddie then Richie and Stanley. Such great chemistry between them which is nice to see from such young actors. The banter is terrific and funny. Also love the sound design and location; they really succeeded in finding the perfect small town to tell this story in the period.

The SPFX are very good. I don’t consider this a “scary” movie but it has the right mood. Perhaps if I had seen this as a kid I’d be scared. And the pacing is excellent for a film of this length. It moves along w/no downtime.

There was a family of 8 or 9 that came in right before it started including some very young kids and I thought “oh wow that’s cool for a 10pm screening.” Once the movie began there was some commotion and the realization they were in the wrong theater (maybe they were going to Lion King or something) so they got up to leave and there was one young boy on the very end w/his popcorn and soda who said, “but I wanna watch this” and my heart swelled. :)


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