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Seen on: 08/02/2019

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Planet Food: Thailand (2006)

Directed by Jenny Dames


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The Golden Kingdom of Thailand is home to some of the most pungent and spicy fresh ingredients in the world. Regarded as the world’s fourth most popular cuisine, Thailand is valued for its low fat content and health enhancing properties. Join Merrilees as she visits paddy fields and aircraft-hangar sized rice barges, shops in the floating markets of Bangkok and the night market in Chiang Mai and discovers beautiful fresh fruit and the notoriously smelly durian fruit.

Length 49 minutes


Merrilees Parker

Viewing Notes

Of the several Planet Food docs I’ve seen recently this is the first one that immediately had me checking for nearby Thai joints b/c everything looks so fucking amazing and delicious. No joke. I’m housesitting in Norwood Park so I had to check Google Maps to find the nearby Thai restos and view the menus. Not a substitute for going to Thailand but it’ll do for now. Seriously tho holy shit I really want to go to Thailand (I had already thought that my next trip to Vietnam I will also hit Thailand but this was a good motivator).

Oh this was so early in the Globe Trekker days that Merrilees is a brunette (she’s been blonde in every PF I’ve seen until now). Wish I had known her then.


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