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shudder mental hospital attempted suicide short film lgbt gay themes

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Seen on: 08/03/2019

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The Quiet Room (2018)

Directed by Sam Wineman

Drama | Horror | Short

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When Michael attempts suicide and doesn’t leave a note, he inadvertently awakens Hattie, a demon that haunts the hospital. Now he must find a way to stop her rampage before she kills everyone he connects with.

Length 28 minutes


Indar Smith | Stephanie Kerbis | Barkley Harper | Chris Salvatore | Katya | Lisa Wilcox | Kit Williamson | Alaska Thunderfuck | Jamal Douglas

Viewing Notes

Mixed on this… mainly b/c it wants to be a gay romance film but also a horror flick but can’t seem to meld the two successfully in order to make it believable (like both aspects feel forced). I appreciate the attempt but both paths should be more organic here than obvious.


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