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Eye of the Spider (1971)

Directed by Roberto Bianchi Montero

Action | Adventure | Crime

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A diamond robber, who was left behind in the hands of the police, gets out of prison and teams up with the man who funded the robbery, but who never saw the loot, to get even with the other members of the gang.

Length 94 minutes


Klaus Kinski | Antonio Sabàto | Van Johnson | Teodoro Corrà | Goffredo Unger | Lucretia Love | Brigitte Brandt

Viewing Notes

Has a cool premise yet delivers it like it was made for TV rarely taking advantage of location and some of the actors involved (Kinski is practically neutered until the final sequence). The dubbing is atrocious often not matching the characters when they speak. Flips to German language during the last scene for a few lines. This is a “crime doesn’t pay” flick which makes it even more like a made for TV movie. Had a lot of potential within the story but yeah not all that good.

Could’ve been a OUATIH adjacent flick had Antonio Sabato been replaced with an American actor. I do like Lucretia Love as the primary femme fatale. She was in a lot of exploitation flicks round this time. She passed away earlier this year.

Is a film a “heist film” if the heist already took place and only shown in flashbacks?


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