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Italy short film BTS director actor stuntman Spaghetti Western Italian filmmaking interview

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Western, Italian Style (1968)

Directed by Patrick Morin

Documentary | Western | Short

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A featurette (most likely shot for American television) about the Spaghetti Western genre during the late 60’s and how it had affected Italy at that particular point in time. Contains behind-the-scenes footage from the films “Il Grande Silenzio” “Vado, Vedo e Sparo” “Ammazza Tutti e Torna Solo” and “Corri, Uomo, Corri” and interviews with their directors and cast.

Length 38 minutes


Jean-Louis Trintignant | Frank Wolff | Vonetta McGee | Jacques Herlin | John Saxon | Klaus Kinski | Marisa Merlini | Tomás Milián | Chuck Connors | Anthony Steffen | Donald O'Brien | Nello Pazzafini | Antonio Sabàto | Sergio Sollima | Sergio Corbucci | Enzo G. Castellari | Mario Caiano | Chelo Alonso | John Ireson | Wayne Parham

Viewing Notes

Pretty neat to see a BTS doc made at the same time as these spaghetti westerns. And to actually chat with some of these directors like Corbucci and Castellari is cool. I like Chuck Conners saying that he’s actually happy to not portray a pure hero in the film he’s doing in Italy (guessing he’s referring to “Kill Them All and Come Back Alone”).

This was a bonus feature on THE GREAT SILENCE dvd. I wish this doc was feature length and had more interviews with the actors, ex. Would’ve loved to hear Kinski talk about these films. He’s not interviewed at all on this.


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