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Seen on: 08/09/2019

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Witchcraft (1989)

Directed by Rob Spera


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A new mother and her child move into her mother-in-law’s dark old mansion. She soon begns to suspect that neither the house nor her mother-in-law are quite what they seem to be.

Rated R | Length 95 minutes


Karen Michaels | Anat Topol | Mary Shelley | Gary Sloan | Trevor Narom | Deborah Scott | Alexander Kirkwood | Lee Kissman | Ross Newton | Charles Grant | Lilian Lane | Cynthia Bell | Victoria Ressurection | Ofelia Montano | Steve Decker

Viewing Notes

TIL Witchcraft is a Troma produced flick and it (along with several of its sequels) is available on Prime. And it’s as awful as its reputation.

I’ve heard / read so much about the WITCHCRAFT franchise over the years and how bad it is but I never truly believed it. Today Chuck from BMF Podcast announced that this movie with most of its sequels were now on Prime so I was definitely curious having not watched any of them.

Viewing the first WITCHCRAFT I’m even more intrigued how this fucking movie spawned 15 sequels. Like this is B-Fest material and not movie night material. Nothing here is so bad it’s good. It’s just bad. That said, I really want to watch the sequels to see if they can out-bad this.


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